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shawnmicheals's Journal

Micheal Hickenbottom
22 July
Friends Only

Real name: Michael Hickenbottom
Birthday: July 22, 1965
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 234
Pro Debut: October 16, 1984
Finisher: Sweet Chin Music (superkick)
Trained by: Jose Lathario
Nicknames: HBK, The Heartbreak Kid, The Showstoppa, The Headliner, The Icon, The Main Event
Wife: Rebeca Hickenbottom (Always and forever since March 31, 1999)
Children- Son, Cameron Cade Hickenbottom (born on January 6, 2000)

Four Time WWF/WWE Champion
-Defeated Bret Hart on April 31, 1996 at Wrestlemania XII
-Defeated Sid on January 19, 1997
-Defeated Bret Hart on November 9, 1997 in the ever controversial Survivor Series match
-Defeated Triple H in the first ever Elimination Chamber Match

Three Time Intercontinental Champion
-Defeated British Bulldog on October 27, 1992 on Saturday Night's Main Event
-Defeated Marty Jannetty on June 6, 1993 on Raw
-Defeated Jeff Jarrett on July 23, 1995 at IYH 2

Three Time Tag Team Champion
-With Diesel defeated The Headshrinkers on August 28, 1994 at a house show
-With Diesel defeated Owen Hart & Yokozuna on Sept. 24, 1995 at IYH 3 (the titles were later returned to Yoko & Owen)
-With Steve Austin defeated Owen Hart & Bulldog on May 25, 1997 on Raw

One Time European Champion
-Defeated Bulldog on Sept. 20, 1997 at One Night Only

Royal Rumble Winner:

I'm NOT the real HBK, nor am I assoicated with the WWE. This is JUST for a LJ RPG!!